Thoughts On Food

We’ve been adapting to eating mostly raw/whole foods. It’s something that just months ago I’d probably roll my eyes at because it sounds a little excessive (or at the very least, something I’d never have the willpower to do). I’ve always thought I was being fairly healthy by eating my vegetables and fruits (and meat from a local farm), but a huge part of my diet consisted of grains – pasta, bread, rice.

Oh, how I love pasta. And bread. I also didn’t realize the effects that wheat & grains have on the body and how taxing they are. It took a lot to convince us (a few good articles are here and here), but I’ve slowly come around and am trying to break free of my dependence on grains.

So, what do we eat? Mostly vegetables, fruit, and protein from pastured eggs, meat, and wild fish. I still enjoy pasta or bread occasionally, especially if we’re traveling or at someone’s home, it’s just not a part of our regular eating habits. It has forced us to be more conscious about our food and to be creative with meals (this was challenging at first), but we’re learning along the way and feeling a lot better, too.

My goal in writing about this wasn’t to preach, but to share the process as we adapt to it – who knows where we’ll end up! Have you tried anything similar? It’s a creative challenge I’m (mostly) enjoying and hope to continue posting about here.

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