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Canon today launches its latest D-SLR, the EOS 450D. Featuring a 12.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor, EOS Integrated Cleaning System, 3.0” LCD with Live View mode and a new 9-point AF system, the model presents consumers with an unprecedented level of image quality and versatility at this end of the market.The EOS 450D employs features already proven in Canon’s professional EOS-1 series cameras, including the DIGIC III image processor and a redesigned menu system that enables features such as direct control of Speedlite flash units from the camera LCD. A choice of 13 custom functions allows the photographer to customise the camera to their shooting style.

“The EOS 450D bears the fruits of more than 20 years of ongoing investment into EOS,” said Mogens Jensen, Head of Canon Consumer Imaging, Europe. “This camera continues Canon’s policy of taking technologies proven in the professional arena and putting them within reach of a wider market of amateur photographers.”

The EOS 450D features:

  • 12.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor
  • Canon’s EOS Integrated Cleaning System
  • 3.5 frames per second
  •  3.0” LCD with Live View shooting
  • 9-point wide-area AF system with f/2.8 cross-type centre point
  • Picture Style image processing parameters
  • DIGIC III image processor
  • Digital Photo Professional RAW processing software1
  •  Compact and Lightweight body
  • Fully compatible with all Canon EF and EF-S lenses and EX-series Speedlite

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I made it!  And I flew unmedicated, which is quite a feat!  I’m such a backwoods hick that I took photos on the plane.  Here’s one I took of my view from my hotel room. You can see more of my Chicago album by clicking on the photos link at the top of this page.  Enjoy! 


When I was growing up, most of our family photos were taken at Sears. As a little girl, I often dreamed of going to the place that could make everyone look like a star. I wanted to go to Glamour Shots to be turned into a princess and have photos taken as proof of just how fabulous I really am.

Sadly, my dream was never realized. And since I was old enough to buy my own mountains of make up, cameras and versions of Photoshop, I hadn’t given it a second thought. Then today I came across this gem:
After I was done screaming the way 80’s feathered hair makes me scream, I took a bit to check out the quality of the photo. It was taken at Hot Shotz, which apparently is a Glamour Shots wannabe in Australia or some such. Kudos to them for nailing the most popular Glamour Shots pose. The doe-eye stare while lightly tugging at the collar of the expensive jacket is a staple. And they must have spent hours getting all those individual hairs to go just the right way. They also really nailed the “so much makeup she looks like her skin is flawless”, and “pale, but not quite mortician dead”. I really only found two things that make this photo strange or funny. Aside from the obvious big hair, I mean. One, what is with the orange blob in the lower left hand corner? I can’t tell if the photo was damaged before being scanned, or if it originally looked that way. And two, it’s marked as having been taken in 1992. Who looked like that in 1992? Most of us were so over that hair style by 88, 89 at the absolute latest. Someone convinced her that this made her look better than usual, and I can’t believe that. Unless she’s Quasimodo under all that makeup, they could have done much better.

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