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I know it was yesterday, but most observe it today, so if you get the chance, definitely try to get out and thank a vet at one of the many parades today.

Me and my lattés love this

So I’m surfing around, looking at things like Rootbeer Float Cupcakes (yes, you should check that out, and if you make them, call me, I want one), when I stumble upon the Starbucks Oracle. Of course I think, “I must see what the all-knowing Starbucks Oracle says about me.” So I plug in my drink, and here’s what I got:

Behold the Oracle’s wisdom:

Personality type: Hippie

In addition to being a hippie, you are a hypochondriac health nut. You secretly think that your insistence on only consuming all-natural products is because you’re so intelligent and well-informed; it’s actually because you’re a sucker. You’ve dabbled in Wicca or other pseudo-religions that attract morons and have changed your sexual orientation a few times this year. You probably live in California. Everyone who drinks grande soy vanilla latte should be forced to eat a McDonald’s bacon cheeseburger.

Also drinks: Beverages with lots of marketing that says they’re herbal and organic
Can also be found at: Whole Foods, indoor rock climbing facilities


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And of course, mad fabulous props to my husband for taking the time out of his busy schedule to upload it for me.


Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater then any obstacle…

So Will is off to visit the motherland

I mean MicroSoft-ville, of course. I hate it when he’s gone, but these trips are the worst cause the kids are gone too. At least I can track his flights. This little jobber from FlyteComm shows everything from time, temp and weather to estimate time left in the air and altitude. Too cool.

I can only hope that the plane isn’t drawn to scale. And it looks like it’s about to fly into a big booger. I think this little plane tracker doohickey is a little more aesthetically pleasing, though not quite as detailed. At least not when it comes to radar weather boogers on the map. It’s the one that comes as part of the Mac dashboard. What’s funny is that while I don’t know who wrote the app (only because I’m too lazy to go look), it’s data is powered by FlyteComm.


So Will went with me to do the kid exchange one state over, to keep me from driving off a cliff, and so we had a lot of time to talk. Well, we get to chatting about the songs on the radio. I’m driving, so of course we’re listening to Sirius 8, the Big ’80’s (or “Oldies Music” to the kids). We get to talking about Bill Idol and “Cradle of Love” came up. So, as a girlie, I say “I bet as a teen you were loving the video for ‘Cradle of Love’”. He says “I’ve never seen it”. Well of course I don’t believe this, because I know he wasn’t raised under a rock, or on the moon. And I’m older than he is, so they had MTV back in the day when he was a kid. And back then it really was Music TeleVision. They played music videos and everything. So I describe the video and he still swears he’s never seen it.

Of course, that’s practically a challenge to me. Finding an old music video, with nothing but Google and YouTube as my tools, can it be done? Well, it was easy. You can catch the video out over at DailyMotion as well as a few other places. This video was hot enough to apparently make a great many teenage boys in the early 90’s stand up and take notice. So now he’s seen it, and he said he could definitely see what all the fuss was about. Still swears he’s never seen it before though. Whatever.

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