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A step in the right direction

Props to Verifone for removing the offending document I mentioned the other day.  It’s definitely a step in the right direction.  A coworker said there was something about wireless credit card terminals and hacks on the news last night, did anyone catch it?

They’re sueing Google for, well, Googling

They want to sue a search engine for providing links to articles that actually pertain to the search terms? Are you kidding me?

From ABC.net.au

Real estate agents launch defamation action against Google

Posted Fri Feb 8, 2008 6:44pm AEDT

Two Victorian real estate agents have launched a defamation action against the search engine company Google.

Counsel for agents Mark Forytarz and Paul Castran of Castran Gilbert, appeared in the Supreme Court today for a directions hearing, alleging their clients have been defamed by articles found via Google searches.

The plaintiffs claim the articles suggest Mr Forytarz bullied an intellectually disabled man into selling his home in order to claim a commission of at least $200,000.

It is claimed the article paints Mr Forytarz as unscrupulous and unethical and he suffered distress embarrassment and humiliation as a result.

They also claim another article alleges Mr Castran used dummy bidders to inflate the prices of the properties he sold.

They claim they asked Google to remove links to the articles late last year, but no effective action was taken.

They will return to court in March.

If they were to win this, and I can’t imagine they will, it would render search engines useless. Imagine trying to protest something or someone online only to have the link to your comments, criticism, whatever removed because the person you’re commenting on didn’t like what you had to say. The whole point of the web is the free exchange of ideas. Search engines were designed to make the web not just easier to navigate, but to make the web worth anything. Without search engines and keywords no website gets any traffic and websites are rendered useless. I mean, what good is a billboard if no one can find it to see it?


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