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If you’re looking for a loving pet, please consider Daisy!

Daisy is a beautiful little girl with a heart of gold. She is such a sensitive soul. She was given up by her people because she had bladder problems. The problem was entirely repairable. A visit to the HUA vet found that Daisy had a huge bladder stone, almost the size of her entire bladder. It was causing her to be incontinent. She dribbled down her back legs and was soaked with urine all of the time. In addition to her suffering in pain with bladder stones and misery at being soaked in urine Daisy was so very very sad to lose her home. She is better now that her bladder stone has been removed. Her housetraining skills have returned and she is physically fine. She is still very sad at the loss of her home though. It is an emotional scar that won’t easily go away. Our hearts break for her with all she’s been through, and the thought that her people did not care enough to provide basic veterinary care to be able to help such a wonderful, loving, affectionate girl who did nothing to deserve losing her home. Daisy would desperately love to be in a home with good people to love and care for her. She is an easygoing girl who would be the very best companion a person could ask for.

Daisy is a female cocker spaniel mix. She was born 06/20/01 and weighs 19 pounds.

Please visit Hearts United for Animals for more information about Daisy and other pets that need good homes!

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