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I can’t believe this. I go to donate blood and I got denied. I’ve donated blood like a zillion times, but not today. Apparently now if you’ve lived in parts of Europe, including Germany, during the 80’s, you might have been exposed to Variant Creutzfeld-Jacob Disease, aka Mad Cow Disease. I lived in Germany from 86-89 so I’m definitely out. I can’t get over this. I’ve been back in the states since 1989! You’d think there be some kind of grace period. Like I’ve been back for 16 years, so I’m obviously not a mad cow!!!

What’s worse is I actually argued with the blood lady. I wasn’t really dying to give blood, but I was trying to do the responsible thing. Then she rejects me and I’m all fired up about it. I was arguing with her about how long I’ve been back, I was a military dependent, etc. I was fighting to donate blood! Then a coworker walked in to donate and it hit me. I was fighting for a band-aid and a cookie.

So I left, rejected. Knowing that no one will ever want my blood. I feel like eating a hamburger.

Here’s a link to the why I can’t donate

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