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Apparently the Heart Attack Grill is determined to A. make a hamburger that could bring anyone’s arteries to their knees and B. piss off nurses. I think folks need to keep a couple of things in perspective here. Men are going to want to eat any burger larger than their heads. I’m pretty sure that’s a fact proven by some scientific study somewhere. Call it the “Mile-High-Whopper” theorem. So the gargantuan burgers are neat and I’m sure they get a ton of business because they have such massive burgers. Good for them.

And they’re not real nurses. They’re chicks in costumes. Do these pissed off nurses chase around women at costume parties at Halloween? I mean, please, get a grip. It’s a gimmick. If you’re really that upset, how about you don’t give them all this free publicity? I think you should just get over it. You don’t see me on CNN bitching about the Geek Squad hurting my image, do you?

Personally, I don’t care what anyone says, I say, ‘Bring on the Beef’!

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