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Beware, there be spoilers afoot!

I’ve done it, I just finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Oh, and I’m sure there will be some spoilers in this post, so consider yourself warned!

First off, seeing as how this is the box it shipped in, I consider it no small miracle that I even got it! I mean, what were they thinking, shipping it like that? Do they ship diamonds in a box labeled “Hey, this box is full of valuable diamonds, please don’t steal us or anything else from the person receiving these valuable diamonds”?

But I was one of the lucky ones that received my book, so no worries there. Got it yesterday morning, just in time to completely dominate my weekend. I got all my chores done nice and early and then sat down to read the most talked about book of the summer. There I was, with little memory of the last book, strong memories from the last movie, and certain that between the two of them I was sure to get plenty confused. And I was right. Thankfully I have the kids with their very strong Harry Potter knowledge to help me out whenever I can’t remember why he killed him or what her name was, or what’s so special about Godric’s Hollow (yep, it’s important in the book). And I somehow managed to ask the kids to remind me who so-and-so was at the ministry without giving too much away since I knew they’d read it as soon as I was done. So I managed to get through it. It was good. A fitting ending to a very captivating group of characters. ****Big spoiler here**** I was a bit confused in King’s Cross to hear Dumbledore explain to Harry that Voldemort had sort of killed him, but not really. I know Rowling tried explaining it several ways, it was just over my head. That whole chapter left me scratching my head. And yes, I know it all made sense later since Voldemort didn’t really have control over the Elder Wand, but I just couldn’t quite grasp anything they were babbling about in King’s Cross. And what was with the kid under the chair?

So, basically, this series had to end one of two ways, good or evil. There was no compromise they could reach, we all knew going in one or both of them had to die. ***More spoilers, don’t say I didn’t warn ya!*** Of the possible endings, I like this one best. I was very happy to read that not only did Harry and his friends prevail, but they really did grow up, have little witches and wizards of their own to send off to Hogwarts, and live happily ever after. I just hope that the ‘19 years later’ Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny do our imaginations justice.

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