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Whew, where to start? I am a crazy, bohemian mom, wife, friend and hockey nut. And by hockey nut, I mean flaming, evil, scary hockey nut. I wear game worn autographed jerseys to work. I’m sick like that.I’m also a complete geek. 100%. Down to the tips of my toes. I love Star Wars, Star Trek and all things geeky. About the only certifiable geek thing I can’t get into is the new Battlestar. I don’t know why. And don’t hate me for it, I did give it an honest try.Everyone asks, “What makes you a Mad Cow?” Well, I explain it all here.And I dig photography. I will take pictures of anything and everything, but I prefer to shoot landscapes and nature. I love photographing anything that exemplifies Southern living and the beautiful people and places we have here in Mississippi. If you interested in checking out some photos, take a peek at my gallery.Need to contact me?  You can hit me up anytime by emailing me at chris @ hoorayblog.com, minus all the spaces, of course.  Can’t make it any easier on the bots. Wanna link to the Mad Cow? Use this button here-> Oh, and for some silly reason, I have this Privacy Policy, in case you’re bored.

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