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Rainy days suck, at least today they do

I know that there are days where it’s cold and rainy and you can stay in bed or snuggle up with a good book in front of a fireplace, but this isn’t one of them.
Today is about the 50th (slight exaggeration, I know) day in a row of rain, and it’s making me nuts. And not for the reasons you’d think, either.
It’s not just the usual reasons, like the roads flooding and the fact that I’m sick of hearing windshield wipers. And it’s not what the rain does to chicks like myself that suffer from terminally curly hair, though that is pretty icky too. As a matter of fact, it’s such a huge problem that Accuweather has a “Frizz Index” warning. At least I won’t be the only person walking around looking like I stuck my finger in a light socket.
And I’m not upset about how we have no satellite reception when it rains, therefore no TV. I’m more of a book person anyway. I’m also not to bent out of shape about how every time it gets a little windy outside we have to make sure we have water stocked up and we have enough gas for the generator. Living in the boonies has it’s ups and downs, and bad weather power outages are definitely one of the downs we’re used to. No, my big problem with rainy days like today are a little more personal. You see, every morning, on my way to work, I pass this man on Horn Lake Rd. It’s right after I’ve turned North onto Horn Lake, from Church. There’s a charming man in a red hat walking a white dog. He always has a smile and a wave for me. I don’t know him personally, but everyday as I drive by he waves and looks up to smile. I’m not only used to seeing him, I look forward to it. And now that’s it’s been raining for many, many days (wonder who’s in charge of the ark this time), I have had to go without seeing him. I miss him. And his cute little dog. I think it’s some sort of terrier, but it doesn’t wave. And I’m sure that pup is missing it’s morning walks. This has to stink for him too. But enough about the dog, this is my pity party.
So, basically I’m missing seeing a man I’ve never even spoken to, all because of the rain. Here’s hoping that Mr. Happy Red Hat Dog Walker Guy and his dog are doing well and that when the skies finally clear up he’ll make my smile and wave a double.

Who in their right mind parks like this?

I don’t get it.  Saturday night outside the DCC I got these photos of a complete bonehead, parking in a non-spot next to the handicapped section.  They announced over the PA during the game that they were going to tow it but they didn’t and after the game we come out and there it is.  There has been a rash of this lately, and I’m sick of it!  Next one I spot doesn’t get the courtesy of having his license plate pixelated!


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