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“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
~ Lao Tzu


Really not sure what happened, but here goes. I get into a fight with friend’s sister. According to friend her sister has “diarrhea of the mouth” and to just ignore it and tell her to go to hell. Well, during conversation about sister, an issue that affects something involving a club we’re all in came up. Issue I had asked about a year ago. During the conversation, I said I was going to bring that up, and friend said go for it. She said she didn’t mind going toe to toe with the people from this group, she hated them anyway, and whatever I felt I needed to do about her sister, was fine with her. So I did. I asked the powers that be in the group if I could get the same kind of hookup sister had. I even warned friend that I had done it and they may be contacting her. This was a few days later. She said ok. Next thing I know, she’s calling me, telling me that they’ve called her and they’re telling her not only can her sister not come to a party this weekend, now her son can’t either. And it’s all my fault. Thanks to me she has to deal with this and these people. I said I was sorry, of course I never meant for anything like that to happen and to let me call and find out what was up. She said no, don’t do anything, she’d deal with it. Then she stopped returning my calls. I offered to talk to them again, and was told through a friend that she is speaking to “Thanks but no thanks,” and “(Sister) doesn’t want YOUR help”. Well of course I wasn’t not going to do anything, the powers that be in this club can’t do that. She’s a member, she can bring anyone she wants to this party. So I call the powers that be and it seems that she spun quite a different story, about me and her sister. They claim that they never told her that she couldn’t bring anyone, and that her sister voluntarily gave up her tickets to the party, probably to avoid me. And now, to top of this conversation that has me thoroughly confused about who’s telling the truth, the person in charge of this club informs me that she’s had it, she quits. Is that my fault too? What the hell happened here? Can ANYONE clear this up for me?


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