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Well, we’re back from vacation, and I’m back at work today. And I’m swamped! That’s the worst part about coming back to work from vacation, the actual coming back to work.

On the plus side, we had a FANTASTIC time in Orlando! I’ve got pics up here and we’re ordering a book of about 60 of the best prints. The kids had a blast and it was wonderful to be able to spend so much quality time together.

Here’s Hannah driving on the Indy track.


Well, this time tomorrow we’ll be in sunny Orlando. So don’t expect to hear from me again until Monday, at the earliest!

I’ll go ahead and give everyone a big “Wish you were here!”


Austin was the CHL Jr. Reporter last week at the RiverKings game, and he did great! Here’s his article:

January 23, 2006 – Last Friday, January 20th, 2006, the Memphis RiverKings hosted the Tulsa Oilers in what would be one of the most exciting matchups of the season so far. The game was off to a great start for the RiverKings, with Don Parsons scoring the first goal just 34 seconds into the first period. Tulsa makes it a tie at 1-1 as #24 Jim Dahl for the Tulsa Oilers scores a goal. RiverKings Ryan Campbell scored the next goal for Memphis, assisted by #14 Travis Banga, and the crowd goes wild. At one minute remaining in the first, Memphis leads 2-1.

Memphis comes into the 2nd period leading 2-1. Oilers Kaebel Klage assists 39 Jaroslav Cesky, for a Tulsa goal at 1:35 in the second period, bringing the score tied at 2-2. At 4:19, Ryan Campbell scores, assisted by Don Parson and Kevin Harris, putting Memphis back on top. Then Cesky from the Oilers scored a goal at 6:57 in the 2nd period. In more back and forth action Tulsa’s Klage scores bringing the score to 4-3, with Memphis losing. Derek Landmesser took an incredible shot from the blueline, but it was blocked by the Oiler’s goalie, Chris King. So at the end of the second period, Memphis is losing 4-3.

The third period starts at Memphis down 4-3. The third period started off slow, RiverKing Don Parsons scored the fourth goal for Memphis, assisted by Chad McIver and Ryan Campbell. Memphis’ Sheldon Wenzel, scored the game-winning goal, which gives Memphis the win, 5-4 RiverKings win! After the game, Meg took me downstairs to the locker room to interview Travis Banga. Here’s how our question and answer session went.

Travis Banga Interview At what age did you start playing hockey?

4 yrs old

Who did you look up to as a kid?
My father

What do you like about being a RiverKing?
The fans are great here.

What got you so pumped up for tonight’s game?
Because we had a bad first half, and we want a better second half.

What’s one thing that keeps you motivated in hockey?
The love of the game.

I was really excited to talk to Travis Banga, and he was very kind, and I think he’s a great hockey player. I’m glad to cover this game for the CHL. It was a very exciting game, and it was great to see the RiverKings come back in the third period to win. I would like to thank Steve Cherwonak for giving me this chance. I would also like to thank Jim Erickson for introducing me to everyone and making me feel welcome, and Meg, his assistant, for her help. And thanks to Travis Banga, for letting me interview him.

Austin Russell
CHL Jr. Reporter

You can also view the article here and a mention of it at RiverKings.com


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