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Started out as a lazy day, and went South from there. I drug Will out looking for boots for my new job and didn’t find anything. Then I come home, act like a complete slug, ask him to take me to see Star Wars again, and then we have a nice fight on the way home. Lovely.


So, we have no kids for a few days

And it’s pretty nice. Just being able to get so much done. I miss them, but this is a nice break.


Well, apparently I can’t please anyone, ever. I give my notice at work, and half the people there are happy and can’t wait to try to get my job, and the other half are guilting the hell out of me for leaving. But it’s ok. This will be my last weekend working there, since I’m off next weekend. Oh well.


….when someone you have to deal with is acting like a complete ass? You try to call them out on it, and air everything out, cause they’re telling lies and going behind people’s backs all over the place, and they use some bizarre circular logic and start blaming stuff on other people who have nothing to do with anything you’re talking about. AAAAGGGGHHHH!


Ok, here’s my review-

Much better than Episodes I & II (like that was hard to do) but still nowhere in the same league as IV, V & VI. Most of the acting was very stiff, and the best Anakin/Darth Vader is still James Earl Jones. Gorier than all the others put together (Gen. Grievous is just creepy). And to me the Jedi Mace Windu is still just Shaft with a lightsaber. The saving grace here is that Jar Jar didn’t have one line!!!


Next to the last day at work, and I’ve got someone running around riding my ass for nothing. It’s a miracle I didn’t just walk out then. But I hate to leave shit undone. So I’ll be there tomorrow. Last day. At least I leave with no doubt that I’m making the right decision.

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