Ramblings of a Mad Cow

This was the weekend when we make the pilgrimage to Nashville for Hannah’s hockey gear. We drove down Friday after work, and spent the night at a not so wonderful motel. *Avoid the Days Inn West in Nashville. Ick.*
Then we got up bright and early Saturday morning for a great breakfast, and then off to the Hockey Stop Professional Shop in Nashville. It was very easy to find. Right off the interstate, not too far from the GEC. We got there before they opened and waited. They saw us waiting and opened the doors before 9. The two women there asked what we were looking for, and we said that we were outfitting Hannah head to toe for ice hockey. They took Hannah and decked her out! They were great! They let Hannah and Will go crazy trying everything on. We managed to get her fully geared up with some great stuff for less than $300 and in under an hour! I was very impressed. Until they get some hockey gear in Memphis, we will definitely be making the trip back to Hockey Stop!

I forgot to blog this earlier, but the last time Will was out of town, miss Hannah had to sleep with me. I didn’t mind a bit, until she started kicking, and turning sideways, and talking, etc. So it was a long night for me. At some point I got up and saw this and had to get a picture! Here she is, all snuggled up with Socks.

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