Oahu, Hawaii (Part 2)

Although I’ve drawn this out a tad long, here is the last part of our recent adventures in Hawaii. I think I set some kind of record for most photos taken on a vacation. Hah! I always love trying to capture places we go, but I was overwhelmed at times with the beauty of this place…every leaf and tree and bit of blue sea.
Above are a few more taken at Aulani, including the selfie that I snapped while walking around the grounds one afternoon. It’s funny, even standing among it I was caught off guard by all of the lush greenery surrounding my reflection as I walked by. The cliff-side photo was taken from Makapu’u Point, which has one of my favorite views on the entire island.

Two very different roadside views while driving around — the first of a more remote mountainside community, and the second of the ocean ahead while traveling to the north shore. In between is a glimpse of the Pearl Harbor aviation museum on Ford Island, where we explored one rainy morning and had brunch afterward at their Laniakea Cafe.
We spent our last evening at the Polynesian Cultural Center. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was beautiful and deserves more than one red-leaf photo! And I couldn’t end this post without another shot from the busy downtown Waikiki beach…half-buried trashcan and all, it’s still a pretty nice view. 😉

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