no-sew shade diy

I’ve been meaning to share this super easy shade we made earlier this fall. It’s so simple to make (if I could pull it off, anyone can). We have an odd sized kitchen window that needed a custom sized shade, and I’d been procrastinating making one myself. Then I stumbled across this DIY for making shades out of mini blinds and so we tried it. It worked. It didn’t require sewing and only took 30 minutes. It was awesome.

If you’d like to make one, I’d refer to the full DIY instructions to guide you. In summary, here’s what we did: 1. purchased mini blinds ($3.99 Target) & fabric (Ikea), 2. laid out blinds and removed all but three slats, 3. folded over edges of fabric and glued in place with tacky glue, and 4. glued blinds onto fabric and let dry.

All accomplished while watching a Saturday night movie. I’m sure my neighbors are glad they no longer have to watch me sing while doing dishes.

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