new years in traverse city

To celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary, we took a spontaneous trip up to Traverse City over new years. I have family there so I’ve been many times, but this was my first time playing tourist, and there was so much to do both downtown and in the village.

TC is a great foodie town with lots of organic food, bakeries, and of course cherries. Being a waterfront town, it’s also a great spot for fish. We ate lunch downtown at Scalawags (fresh battered fish + chips!), and had dinner one night at Apache (more fresh fish!).

And the highlight of our trip was going to the historic State Theater on new years eve to see a movie, and then browse the local bookstore until the Cherry drop at midnight. Yes, they had a giant lighted cherry at the center of town, hanging above the Christmas tree, with live music. It was the perfect way to ring in 2011 and begin our 5th year of marriage.

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