Mudroom Pt. 1 (The Closet)

I never thought I’d write a post mostly about our litter box, but it played a big part in our little mudroom makeover. We’ve always kept it in the closet with the door removed, as it’s the only spot in the house for it to go. And it’s always been a huge mess and pretty unsightly, too. But then I spotted the modkat box and it inspired me to make my own built-in version:

I like the actual modkat, but with two cats I wanted something a bit roomier (and cheaper). I went to our local Ikea and picked up a $3 frosted bin that happened to be the perfect fit for our closet, and Q built a platform above it with a 10 inch square opening for the cats to jump down inside the bin below.

We rested the platform on wood brackets that we attached to the wall, which allows us to lift (or even remove) the top if necessary. I painted everything the same color as the walls (Bakery Box White), and after living with the setup for about a month now, I am really happy with it (and so are the cats). It keeps the whole area neat & clean, and doesn’t scream litter box when you walk into the room.

Above the box went all of our cleaning supplies (except the vacuum & mop), and Q installed a light way at the top of the closet ceiling that turns on with the main switch. It’s amazing what a difference making over a small space can have on your everyday life, isn’t it? Hopefully soon, we’ll finish the other side of the room: the laundry & coat area.

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