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I hate days like today. I’ve spoken with Mike Krewson (assistant GM of the DCC), and if you believe what he has to say…and I don’t know why I wouldn’t considering he’s got nothing to lose by telling it like it is, we’ve been duped here folks by our own MYHL leadership.

On some points in the email…it seems that the ability to cancel ice time exists by either party for just about any reason and at any time…we’re a bottom feeder in the DCC budget and they’re almost giving us the ice time (including lights, personnel, clean up, zamboni’s, etc.) at cost…just above it per Krewson.

The cheer event is supposedly bringing in more $$$ than the ice time would have in DCC revenue and potentially hotels, food, gas, etc. The DCC wants to get this event annually and really capitalize on the total package of money coming into the county from it.

Mike did recognize the fact that one, likely two, more sheets of ice are an need for Desoto county and with that ice we would turn into a hockey and figure skating destination complete with bigger tournaments and all that jazz. So…who’s going to pony up the $8 million or so to make that happen.

Bottom line…the tone and the information in the original email was misleading in some ways that probably caused some of us to go off half cocked.

Now I’m still very upset because my kid is losing MORE ice time this season, but I’m not sure anymore who I’m more upset with.

One very key thing I did take out of the discussion is this: As the DCC becomes more and more popular a venue, we can expect the ice time available for youth hockey, beer leagues, figure skating, etc. to decline dramatically. Evidently the DCC has been telling these groups that for a few years already. Also, if there were no RiverKings at the DCC, there would be NO ICE PERIOD.

So…with that discussion having been had…we’re back to square one and I have this nagging feeling that MYHL owes a lot of parents refunds on league fees since they pay the DCC as they go for ice time.

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