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A little background: I’m trying to spread the word about something going on here at home in North Mississippi. Our children have a local youth hockey league that plays in our local Civic Center. We get to play there when they have ice for the Memphis RiverKings, and when there’s nothing else going on. We accept this and we’re grateful for the time. We do pay the Civic Center for the time, and we take as much as they’ll give us, which is very little. But we have had dates scheduled in March and now they have bumped our last Sunday’s games for a cheerleading competition. It’s disgraceful, and we’d like an explanation, and hopefully, some recourse.

For anyone who doesn’t have a youngun’ in the Memphis Youth Hockey League, we found out yesterday that the games we had scheduled for March 5th have been cancelled. Cancellations happen, but not with this kind of short notice, and to do it the Sunday before our last game, is pretty incredible, as they can’t be rescheduled. I’ll attach the body of the email I’ve gotten about this, and you decide. The rest of the email lists the contact info for the supervisors and directors of the DCC, as well as contact info for several local reporters.

Hello folks,

The Desoto Civic Center advised me by email on February 17th that we would lose our ice time on March 5th. For those counting, that is 15 days. We are losing that day due to a cheerleading event that needed to be moved because of the impeding weather that forced the cancellation of the cheerleading event in Tunica.

We had 14 hours of ice time scheduled for that day. Additionally, figures skaters had a couple of hours and the men’s league had time also. In all, almost 17 hours of ice time was to be used. What did we have scheduled that day? Our rec. league has been trying to finish for the last month. They had seven games that day including games with Little Rock. Right now, I doubt that we can reschedule them. We had the high school skills challenge and all star game. These will be hard to reschedule.

We can’t understand why a customer that will spend over $130,000 can’t get any assurance of ice even within 15 days. We were not bumped by a concert that would make the DCC several thousand dollars; we were bumped by a cheerleading competition. I have nothing against cheerleading but will it is not be an event with only parents and families and a few fans attend? By the way, according to the website of the cheerleading company, attendance is free to the event.


We have endured all kinds of cancellations of ice all year, but never with this short notice to something that is similar to our youth sport mission. We need your help. If you are a Desoto county tax payer, please ask your representatives, where we rate in importance to Desoto County. Ask your mayor, your city or county councilman and your friends in the media, why the customer that spends the most at the DCC is is treated like we don’t exist if anyone else wants the building. Other events like this cheerleading competition have many venues to choose a perfect date and we have only one venue that we hold events and we are only wanted when NO ONE else wants the building.

I’m doing my best to spread the word. My children already get so little ice time. I know we don’t live in an “ice” rich environment, but this is truly a shame. We already have to fight for the little bit of time using the ice in the Civic Center, and now to be bumped for something when we were there first is shameful. I don’t know how we’re going to explain this to the kids.

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