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Ok, so our beautiful, dream home turned one year old two weeks ago. Just one year old, almost brand spankin’ new. Well, right after the big day, we come home to find a pile of shingles laying in the driveway, directly beneath the hole in our roof where they had fallen off. NOT a happy moment. So we’re already unhappy about that. Well, Monday night I get home from class and go to shower and hop in bed. Ok, not “hop” as much as crawl, moaning and crying. Anywho, I get out of the shower, and limp to my side of the bed and lo and behold, my carpet’s all wet. I immediately assume one of my cats has suffered from bladder crippling thing and start screaming, cause that’ll fix it. Well, after my fit was over, I started cleaning it up and discovered that this was a huge wet spot. And I mean HUGE! It went from my side of the bed all the way to the wall. I moved the dresser, and it was wet there, too. I figure it couldn’t be the cats, so I think it’s finally time to get down there and smell it (read LIE, I made Will smell it) and sure enough, it’s not pee, it’s water. So I apologize to the cats. Not. The little bastards did something to deserve being yelled at. So we clean up as much as we can and go to bed.

Tuesday now, and Will has called the builder and the plumber who did this evil thing to us. They now owe me and my cats. So Will meets the plumber at home and they investigate the source of the wetness. Come to find out, it’s a leak in the pipes running water to my vanity. Only it doesn’t leak in the bathroom. No, it’s got to make a bigger mess than the Exxon Valdez, in my bedroom! And guess how they find all this out. Yep, by tearing a big hole in the wall. So now there’s a huge hole in my bedroom wall, right next to where I sleep, above the swamp that is now my carpet. Thankfully, the plumber was kind enough to slow the leak down, since he didn’t have the highly technical pipe/valve doohickey with him. And so he replaces the piece of the wall he removed and goes about his merry way. Will cleaned up a ton of water, and we moved some of the furniture back, since we’re hoping the plumber remembers to come back someday. In the meantime, I get to wade through what feels like the Florida Keys in my jammies every night to lay in bed and admire the hole in my wall.

Of course, now that I’ve told the world, I’ve jinxed us but good. So I’m sure I’ll be going home to a huge pile of rubble today.

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