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Ok, so our youngest, Hannah is playing at a friend’s house Saturday. Having a good time. She comes home in tears because her friend’s little brother accidentally hit her in the face with his lightsaber. Damn those Jedi! So I do the motherly thing and clean her up. I make sure not to dote on her too much, so she’ll calm down. I clean her little cheek up, and offer her some ice to keep the swelling down. She wants the ice, so I take her in the kitchen, grab a clean towel, and reach in the freezer for a re-freezable icepack. I wrap it in the towel and hand it to her, all the while reassuring her she’ll be fine and she’ll still be beautiful, despite this tragic accident. She goes to watch a little TV and calm down and I’m happy. She comes back later with the towel and says she’s ready to go play again. I check her cheek and she looks fine. So off she goes. I take the towel into the kitchen to put the icepack back into the freezer and unwrap it and uh oh, it’s not an icepack. Instead of an icepack, I had wrapped up a Hot Pocket (shaped like the icepack) and given it to her. So my darling baby girl walked around with a Hot Pocket on her face Saturday afternoon.

When did I become such an airhead?

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