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The day before my birthday sucks. Will had already planned on not getting me anything for my birthday (I got the iMac for Christmas/birthday present) and then last night he asks “So, what do you want for your birthday?” I didn’t realize it was a trick question and I say “Whatever you want to get me” which of course sends him into a tailspin because I already got my present. I thought he was asking because he honestly intended to get me something else and was asking. So we fought and I cried myself to sleep last night. Then today, I’m having trouble planning lunch with my dad for my birthday, things are falling apart for my party tomorrow night, and it’s all going downhill. Everyone that’s not already a season ticket holder was coming, but they didn’t get the memo that we weren’t getting a box for my birthday, so they thought that we were covering their tickets. Now none of them are coming to the after party, since there’s no telling what time it will start. And there’s a skate with the players, and I’m sure the kids will whine, wanting to skate.

Well, I have to stop for now, as I’m about readyto either boohoo again or put my fist through….something.

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