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After a bad day at work, I’m driving home and coming up on the Green Tea overpass, I almost hit a puppy. So I slow down and pull over. It’s a little beagle puppy and it’s very scared. So I put on my hazards and get out to try to get it to come with me. I have no idea what I’ll do with it, but I have to get it off this very narrow overpass. I’ve finally got it to move in my direction, and I hear a loud motor coming from the otherside. I stand up and get out of the middle of the road and it’s some kind of utility truck. And it’s going way too fast. So I start waving at him, to get him to slow down. Well, he doesn’t, so I get over to the little shoulder and I’m waving like crazy. Well, he was too busy looking at me to look ahead. He killed the puppy. Ran it over, hard. And he never slowed down. I was horrified. I just stood there and cried. Another car, saw what happened and pulled over. He thought it was my puppy. I explained what happened to him and he was very nice about my little breakdown. He told me to go ahead and get on my way, and he’d clean up the puppy.

So, a great way to polish off a Friday. I’m so sad.

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