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I can’t believe this.

DeSoto County man pleads guilty Sep 19, 2005, 05:55 PM
A Desoto County man pleaded guilty Monday to killing a child while driving under the influence. Randall Owen was accused of killing two year old Ethan Bayless late last year.

While Owen awaits his sentence, Ethan’s parents are trying to survive the life sentence of living without their son.

“You go to work one morning and everything is normal,” said Ethan’s father, Jason. “You come home and your life is totally changed. It never will be the same.”

“It hurts every day. It’s fresh every morning,” said Ethan’s mother, Ginger. “I still feel around in the bed for my son in the morning. He used to climb in the bed with us, and I still feel around the bed for him because I still forget that he’s not here.”

For the first time Monday, the Bayless family saw the man who killed their little boy.

Randall Owen had nothing to say entering his plea in DeSoto County Court.

But his victim’s parents didn’t hold back their feelings towards the three-time DUI offender.

“I’m just happy he accepted his responsibility and owned up to what he done. That he did take a life, that he was careless in his actions,” said Jason Bayless.

Owen will remain free on bond until he is sentenced next Wednesday in DeSoto County Court.

He faces anywhere from six to 30 years in prison.


6 to 3o years? That’s all? For his third DUI! That’s beyond words. I’m so disgusted. In Europe, the second you’re found driving under the influence, which was 0.05 when I was there, you lose your license. No second chance. That’s it. If you’re stupid enough to drink and drive, you don’t deserve another chance. This is insane. Why he is walking around free right now, while those parents grieve fortheir child is absolutely beyond my comprehension.

Ok, off the soapbox. Next!

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