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Geek Maintenance 101

Posted by RSM 13 days ago

Geeks are an important part of the lives of most people in today’s technocentric society. Without them, things fall apart. However, geeks are not as soulless as the electronics they command. As such, you will need to keep a few things in mind when nurturing your own geek:

1. Socially interact with them: This does not have to be in public where others can see you, though it helps. A cool person like yourself needs the geek and the geek needs a cool person’s approval. That’s “symbiosis.” Ask your geek to explain it.

2. Do not overly interact with them: Geeks want your approval but after a while they may tire of you. Make them want you, but be careful not to ignore them completely. Promise you’ll stop by, but only show up 1 out of the 3 times you say you will. Give them the excuse that “something came up with my family, dude. Sorry.” Be certain they can’t catch you in a lie.

3. Do not farm your geek out to many of your other friends: Your friends might be geekless. Since you’re cool, your friends probably are, too, which means they’ll stab you in the back to take something they want. One of them could charm your geek into thinking SHE cares more about him than you.

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