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Couple’s implant chips take love to a new level

Updated Wed. Feb. 15 2006 12:23 PM ET

CTV.ca News Staff

Grand gestures of love take many forms on Valentine’s Day — flowers, chocolate, romantic dinners — but a tech-savvy couple has taken it to a new level.

Jennifer Tomblin and Amal Graafstra have made the most modern declaration of their affection for each other, with implanted electronic chips that allow them unfettered access to each other’s lives.

It’s called Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID. Both have had a small electronic chip embedded under their skin that grants access to each other’s front doors and home computers.

The system works like a key-card. A simple swipe of the wrist across an electronic sensor, and they’re in.

The couple sees the decision as a modern declaration of love that also happens to be functional.

“It’s convenient and all of that. But it’s definitely neat to have access to each other’s things. nobody else has that, definitely,” Tomblin told CTV’s Canada AM.

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