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According to CNET

1. iPod (2001) No other product has had the incredible, loyal devotion that the iPod inspires. It’s also one of only a handful of products to get a 9 rating from CNET. It revolutionized and popularized music players with its stylish design and is still considered the industry leader. Even if you devoutly believe other music players have better features now, you have to acknowledge that iPod is still the king.

2. TiVo (1999) 3. Google (1996) 4. Napster (1999) 5. Firefox (2004) 6. PalmPilot (1996) 7. Motorola Startac (1996) 8. Apple iMac (1998) 9. Sony Digital Mavica MVC-HD5 (1997)

10. The Sims (2000)

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