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Last Monday, 8 days ago I did it. I went to their meeting, and argued to impeach the most imposing person there. And I got about 5 words out when he began to laugh. And that was it. I lost it. I got completely tongue tied and couldn’t say much else. It was horrible. And everyone watched. Just sat there and watched. No one said a word to him when he laughed. I took a great deal of time trying to make this as professional as possible, only to have it all thrown back in my face. And my “evidence”? They said they’d look it over. Right.

So, what did I learn here? Recognize who’s in charge and stay the hell out of their way. I know now that our Pres won’t do jack. I think now that I was seeking to impeach the wrong person. The person who treats people like crap is no where near as dangerous as the person that allows them to do it.

Oh, and will I ever speak up like that again? No way. Consider me one of the very humbled masses.

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