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Tuesday, October 18th, 2005

Can’t wait to talk to everyone! I know Stephanie, Carol and their families will be there. I just don’t know who I’ll look to talk to since I don’t know any of these new players yet!

Tuesday, October 18th, 2005

Will signed up for Taekwondo last night. I guess he had fun! I’m sorry I missed it.

Monday, October 17th, 2005

Blech. At least I know we have the player dinner tomorrow night. That’ll be fun. I have some work to do tonight, but Will is going to try out a karate class tonight.

Sunday, October 16th, 2005

What with the kids testing yesterday, and then the party today, this weekend was shot.

Saturday, October 15th, 2005

The kids got their Orange belts! I’m so proud of them.
And Angela did great! She looked so sharp. I’m jealous! I’ll post pics later.

Friday, October 14th, 2005

I’m so tired. I knew that there was something I didn‘t miss about hockey season. Now I remember, it’s staying up so late!

Thursday, October 13th, 2005

Ok, just watched “The Amityville Horror” (2005). Very bad. Number one, I can’t get over Ryan Reynolds as the dad. I just kept waiting for him to crack a joke. There was one saving grace about casting him though. The tub scene. Wow. What a hottie!
Number […]

Wednesday, October 12th, 2005

Hi. My name is Chris and I’m a Puck Bunny. Or so I’ve been told. By a lot of people. But I’m in good company. My good friend Stephanie is a bunny, too. So we’re starting our own PBA chapter. But what makes us Puck Bunnies?
I did some extensive research, meaning I spent 5 minutes […]

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