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From igniq.com

The Canadian Red Cross is taking action to get video game developers to stop using its logo in simulated combat games, saying such application is not only illegal, it damages the “protective value” of the logo in real war zones.

Just about every video game that involves combat uses the Red Cross symbol in some form or fashion. From medical kits and first-aid stations to ambulances, the familiar red cross is a universal symbol in real life and games for aid. Even MMORPGs like EverQuest use a red cross-type emblem to symbolize healing spells.

Is there nothing else in the world worth getting upset about? Did someone end world hunger and I missed it? What is going on with these people that they would think that this is worth their time? Is someone really so bored that they deemed it necessary to care whether or not some gamer searching for a health pack might mistake it for the Red Cross?


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