Making: Mini Garden Pots

I made a bunch of little potted decorations for the Peter Rabbit shower last weekend, and thought I’d share as my latest 12 Months of Martha project. It all started by painting tiny clay pots, and after filling them up with moss I thought it’d be cute to have some tiny produce tucked in there too (straight from Mr. McGregor’s garden of course). So I made little carrots and strawberries to go with the cupcake flavors we were having at the shower. Below is a little recap… Supplies: -Mini clay pots & preserved moss

-Paint (I used green/blue & pink/red from the Martha box)

-Puffy brush (I used this one from the Martha box) -Felt & thread -Hot glue & toothpicks For painting the pots, I blended shades of blue & pink (shown below) and swiftly brushed them on with a puffy brush for an imperfect look. For the little felt produce, I cut basic shapes (shown above) out of red, orange, and green felt scraps, hot gluing the pieces together. Strawberry seeds can be added with a little thread too. Stick the finished pieces onto a toothpick and “plant” in your pretty pots!

(This post is part of the 12 Months of Martha, using Martha Stewart Crafts provided for a project each month. I’ll be donating/giving away my supplies once the projects are complete.)

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