Making Boxes

I bought a scoring board just before Christmas and have found it useful for many things, including making all kinds of boxes. I’d like to stop in at Hollander’s soon to find some nicer varieties of paper, such as embossed or flocked, to make unique tray boxes for holding mail or other accessories, too.

The steps (shown above) are so simple and can be adjusted for any size box: 1. trim paper to make it square (3×3 inches for tiny boxes) and score all four sides (1 inch in from each edge will produce 1 inch box sides, and so on). 2. cut a slit into each corner, and fold along remaining score lines. 3. form into the shape of a box, adhering the sides using tape or glue. Below are a few of the boxes I’ve made – teeny tiny ones are definitely the most fun to make!

(tiny stamp box)

(st. patrick’s day favor boxes)

(mini paper tray box)

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