How to wear a scarf in the fall: 25 fashionable ways

How to wear a scarf in the fall 25 fashionable ways

We understand the most stylish options and see how and with what they can be combined.

Large knit.

Gigantomania is still held in high esteem by designers. And this applies not only to oversized coats or “men’s” sweaters, but also to accessories. First of all, a scarf must be warm, so we advise you to get an ideal model in every sense – a scarf of the largest knit. These accessories look best with laconic clothes in a futuristic style – asymmetric coats, bulky down jackets and jackets with a metallic sheen.

Inflated scarf.

A very interesting and non-trivial analogue of the “grandmother’s” scarf familiar to everyone. In fact, it is all the same down jacket, but, so to speak, in miniature. Naturally, with a puffy jacket such a model will look strange and unaesthetic, but with a straight coat “from a man’s shoulder” or a sheepskin sheepskin coat is ideal. Try to combine the incongruous: contrasting duets always look spectacular and very stylish.

Classic long scarf-stole.

This model, tested by time and fashionable seasons, will never go out of style. The most current way to wear such a scarf today is to simply hang it around your neck right over your coat or jacket. Of course, it will not warm the neck, but it will look very bold and effective. True, in this case, you should still take care of your health and put on a warm turtleneck made of thick wool.

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