I’ve got two of these today! Shortly after sharing the Martha Stewart craft post here last October, I joined on with 12 Months of Martha to contribute twelve projects throughout this year. I was grateful to be asked, and knew that if I agreed to do it, it’d be a fun way to share some crafty things here and would give me no excuse not to blog anymore (even if I’m still behind…already!).

This was the first project I put together back in January, so it’s somewhat Valentine’s themed, but could work for any time of year. I love random bits of ephemera and hoard them just for special occasions, you know, like making memory boxes. 😉 I still remember from the book, Modern Paper Crafts (a favorite of mine) how easy it is to make paper boxes using simple origami, so I made a bunch in various sizes. It’s so fun to stuff them full of sweet, even cheesy little keepsakes to make someone smile. I had my husband in mind for the ones shown here, and included movie stubs, old & new postcards, and the dance performance ticket from the night he proposed.

A few things I used:

– square pieces of paper (cardstock & Martha Stewart Crafts red graph paper)

– bone folder

– keepsakes, notes, etc. (found items & Love Notes Postcards)

To make, take a square piece of paper (12×12″ will make a 4.25″ box), and follow these basic folding instructions to make boxes of various sizes. To create a lid that’s slightly larger, adjust the folds in the fifth step (the closer to the center, the smaller it will be). These can get addictive once you start making them…I’ve made some with stiffened fabric, too!
(This post is part of the 12 Months of Martha, using Martha Stewart Crafts provided for a project each month. I’m donating/giving away my supplies and if you know of a local organization in need of craft items, please contact me!)

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