his+hers: weekend projects

We worked on a bunch of house projects this weekend, mostly outside because we had incredible weather (the first time since winter!). Above are both of Q’s projects, since mine aren’t as easy to photograph (a clean house, loads of laundry, planting bulbs, napping in the sun…).The first are stairs Q built for our patio, the second is a box garden he made for me. I’m already excited at the thought of walking out to our patio to pick tomatoes and herbs! If I can make them survive. Still have to paint the stairs and extend the patio in front of the box garden, but we’re getting there.And, the weather was so summer-like that we ended the weekend with a walk on Sunday evening, taking pictures of the neighborhood and getting ice cream at a very crowded Coldstone on our way back. Sometimes, weekends with full to-do lists turn out to be the really good ones.

(His + Hers is a weekly series that Brooke (from Pure & Noble) and I started as a way of sharing random peeks into our daily lives. Feel free to join in on your own blog if you’d like!)

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