his+hers: to do lists

My side of our weekend to-do list could also be titled: things I avoid. I challenged myself in an afternoon to take care of a bunch of things I dislike doing (the floors) or don’t need to do regularly (cleaning blinds/filters) that were in serious need of being done. They’re not even that difficult, but for some reason I always procrastinate on them.

And good news is, it didn’t kill me to do them (ha!). Aside from a tiny cut on my finger I came out alive. By the way, I’m so glad we only have blinds in a few rooms – they were embarrassing to clean and probably should be done regularly.

(His + Hers is a weekly series that Brooke (from Pure & Noble) and I started as a way of sharing random peeks into our daily lives. Feel free to join in on your own blog if you’d like!)

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