Hello Again

Wow, I hadn’t planned on being away from blogging this long (!), but it was nice to keep quiet from this corner of the internet for awhile. At the beginning of each year, I tend to overthink things such as blogging – what my intentions are, what direction to take – lots of pondering. What is it about January? I often wonder, though, about sharing small bits of my life here along with pretty, styled things. While fun to do, it might give the wrong impression about the full realities of life, and what’s of true value (at the top of that list for us is faith, and family). My hope in writing a design blog is not that it be a misrepresentation of reality; but rather, a small, inspiring part of it. So going into this year, I hope to challenge myself to bring a bit more perspective here, though for the most part this will always just be a place to share fun, creative things. With an occasional bit of life too. đŸ˜‰ If you’re following along, thank you. Hope the new year is treating you well.

PS. I love these mini planners – my best friend is getting married, so naturally we needed coordinating ones for planning! I also gave the blog a new look…during a few attempts at writing this post.

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