Fireplace Progress

We’ve made a lot of progress on the fireplace project, but still have a little way to go. So far we’ve removed the upper wall and mantle/tile around the fireplace, framed out new walls for the built-in, added electrical outlets, and put up drywall. Then came the slowest part: drywall mudding (and mudding some mooore), and sanding. Now we’re ready to add shelving to the built-in area, put up trim, and finally…paint.

Q is so cute about projects like this. Being an engineer, he’ll randomly send me an email during lunch with detailed renderings of the entire project (like the plans above). Meanwhile, I’ve been overly comparing paint colors, and think I’ve decided on moonshine for the room walls, and white dove for the shelves and trim. Hoping it will all come together soon!

(middle row: interior inspiration photo by Emily Gilbert)

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