Don’t Panic!

Well…this is a strange twist on the Ms. Robinson theme…


A 37-year-old woman who is seven months pregnant by her 15-year-old groom says she prefers older men, but the teenager aggressively wooed her.

Lisa Clark, who is charged with child molestation, statutory rape and enticing a child for indecent purposes, said in television interviews Monday that she still hopes to make a life with him and their baby.

She said the morality of their relationship was open to debate, noting that in the past it was common for 13-year-old girls to be given in marriage.

“They’re making a big deal out of a 15-year-old,” she told WAGA-TV in Atlanta. “And I can assure you that he was no victim.

“It’s not like they are making it out to be. Actually, I’d told him ‘no’ several times because I prefer someone older, but he was just so nice and so sweet,” she said.

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