diy twine light (finished!)

We finally finished that DIY twine light and wow, it actually worked! Maybe it’s because I let it dry for, oh, three months while it sat in our front closet. The neutral colors in the room make it hard to photograph because they blend together in photos, but in real life it’s definitely more defined, and also a whole lot less perfect looking. But that’s okay, I love our slightly lopsided, $5 twine light because we made it from scratch. I also never want to make one again.

Above is the photo I shared before of it in progress. I thought it might need more layers of twine to make it sturdier, but it was a huge mess before so I didn’t feel like doing more. So I crossed my fingers and deflated the bouncy ball. And the twine didn’t collapse! Then we used a cord kit from Ikea and a plate thingy from Lowe’s to hang it (after a previous failed attempt at hanging it with fishing wire and thumbtacks…classy). Here is another view of it in our living room…

Have you tried making one of these before? Mine is definitely far from “perfect” in real life so don’t be discouraged if yours doesn’t look like the photos you’ve seen of these everywhere. I actually felt ten times better about mine once I took photos of it and noticed that most of the defects are hardly noticeable, just like the pictures I’d seen! Another example of how real life is never as perfect as it can seem in photos on blogs or in magazines.

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