diy: billy button flowers

(photo of the flowers in Andrea’s home)

I’ve always loved dried billy button flowers, they look so whimsical and modern, but I never seem to find them in stores. I’ve heard you can get them online somewhere, but honestly if it’s not at my local craft store or on Amazon, I usually don’t get around to it.

For this dessert table that Andrea & I put together, I had grabbed some dried flower balls from the craft store last minute (in the aisle with vase fillers) and decided to quickly make my own. It worked great and it’s so simple! It seems silly even doing a tutorial because it’s pretty basic. But, we thought we’d share the process, and Andrea Dozier took pretty pictures along the way:

Start with dried flower balls, wire sticks, and floral tape. Then assemble: 1. set wire in jar and cut to desired height, 2. wrap wire in floral tape (dark green is what I had on hand, but other colors would look nice), 3. poke the wire into flower ball (adding glue if you’d like). 4. Keep assembling until you have a pretty arrangement! Once you start making these it’s kind of addictive – instant flower arrangements that never die. Awesome.

(photography: Andrea Dozier)

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