Changing Seasons

It has been awhile, hasn’t it?! This spring is not only flying by, but is proving to be a real time of change for us, in both good and challenging ways. The biggest of those being an inevitable season of military life on the horizon, which will mean extended time apart from one another…a transition full of all sorts of mixed emotions. It’s not something I’ll be sharing here when that day comes, but it has given me a lot of pause lately (& sometimes a breather is just best!). However, there have been lots of creative happenings as well, including a bridal shower for my life-long best friend. I made a whole slew of branch-and-tissue paper leaves, envisioning a “mini forest” along the tables (and in true form, left the main box of them at home…agh), but we made do with the few that safely arrived. I forgot to take a single photo that day, but I have a few from the planning stages and will share a little recap of the details soon!

(photo via my instagram @allihooray)

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