blog design (pt.1)

It didn’t take me long after introducing the new site to make even more changes to the blog (it is an addiction, I tell you). And so, I thought I’d pass along a few tips & tutorials that I found helpful along the way, for anyone else like me who is web-design challenged (or just curious), because I know I am always interested in how things are done. So, here is part one (the very basics): -using a custom domain through blogger. -removing the navbar and the border/box shadows from images. -removing the bullets from sidebar lists. -changing the post header’s color. -further customizing the post header (making bold, uppercase, etc.) -customizing the footer ‘older-newer posts’ links. -adding and customizing a search bar.

Part 2 I’ll post about adding side-by-side images, sidebar spacing, and other simple stuff I never knew. (photo taken in rhode island)

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