Black Lake (Part 1)

This is Black Lake.

My parents used to come up here back in the day (about 30 years ago) and our family has now gone for the past 11 summers. It sits on acres upon acres of wooded land in northern Michigan, as a private UAW education center built in the late 60s. Nature enthusiast Walter Reuther designed all of the buildings to run harmoniously throughout the woods and blend in with their surroundings, and they do.

There are classrooms, the main lodge, hotel rooms, a gymnasium, pool, and dining hall all with floor to ceiling windows and incredible wooded views. Each building is connected by above-ground tunnels lined with windows, too. There is also a campground (where we stay), cabins, beach, and golf course. Crazy, right? You can easily find yourself lost here, indoors or out. It’s also a haven to beautiful deer, hungry raccoons, and cute chipmunks.

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