anniversary request

Although I don’t normally post on Sunday nights, I have a sweet little story to share about Mariah and Andrew, below.

Last week I received a thoughtful email from Andrew, titled ‘this husband’s 1-year anniversary request.’ His wife Mariah has a new blog called size too small, so he wrote to each person on her blog roll and included this request: “as a surprise for our 1-year anniversary… somehow give her encouragement and delight, it would mean so much to her and that means a lot to me.”

(images: 1 stephen dvries, 2 sources here) He had me convinced with his email alone – so romantic, right? And, Mariah’s blog is completely beautiful. I instantly fell for her style (see a peek at one of her mood boards above). So, I just wanted to send a little blog love to Mariah & Andrew on their anniversary today, all the way in Cape Town, South Africa. I hope anyone reading this gets a chance to visit her, too, and say hello.

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