A New (to Us) Piano

This winter we finally got a piano, and I can't believe it took us this long! It has really made this house feel more like home. Piano has been a big part of my life -- I took lessons growing up, and studied it part way through college, playing for various jobs like weddings & church services. After I got married and we moved into a tiny apartment, though, my parents gave me a small keyboard to practice with but eventually I kind of lost touch with playing all together.

I guess something clicked this year (?!), because I was determined to finally get a piano and start playing again. My parents want us to have theirs (that I love) someday, so for now we decided to look for a good deal on one through Craigslist. Our hunt eventually led to this Whitney Kimball, and thanks to some generous help from my dad with moving/hauling it during our crazy winter, here it is!

There was really only one place for it to go, along the wall in our dining/kitchen area, but it fits as if it has always been here and provides a sunny spot for plants too. Besides needing a tuning, the piano is in decent shape, but the keys were covered in old tape (see below), so I thought I'd share the before and after...

I used a scraper blade to remove all of the tape, but there was still a good layer of sticky residue left on each key, so after a quick pinterest search I mixed together a tiny spoonful of baking soda and some softened coconut oil, and rubbed the paste (too generously, maybe) onto the keys. Then I waited about ten minutes and kind of wondered if it was just going to be a big mess.

After letting it sit, I went back along each key with a paper towel, wiping off the paste and scraping thoroughly as I went. It was tedious, and I'm not sure if this was really the easiest method to go with, but after a few rounds the keys looked shiny and new! Plus, they did smell amazing the next few times it was played. So happy that we finally have a piano in our home to enjoy.


rooth said...

Oh yay, congrats on the new (old) piano. I'll still tickle the ivories every once in awhile at my parents' house but it's been a long long time since I've sat down to try anything substantial

Marry Thomas said...

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Nice pianos !

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