Clair de Lune

Clair de Lune happens to be one of those pieces of music that has really seen me through ups & downs over the years -- not just the music itself, but playing it on the piano. I remember the first time I attempted it, I immediately knew I wanted to learn it by heart. And I did. I played and played it... after a long school day it was the best secret to relieving stress as a teenager, hands down (then again, playing piano was my favorite thing to do!).

All this to say, I'm grateful to see today's Google Doodle (so much so that it got me posting again :) -- a tribute to Claude Debussy through a short animation featuring his amazing, wonderful little "moonlight" masterpiece. Go check it out!

(images from google, layout by hooray)


Kelly said...

This is such a special piece to me, too! I was so pleased to see the Google Doodle early this morning. I played this piece many times in the lobby of the Grand Hotel with my pianist the summer I met Darryl.

Angel Y. said...

This was a gorgeous Google doodle! Loved the illustration and the gorgeous piece. I've heard it dozens of times before but now I have an actual visual to put to it. :)

Claudia Bravo MacPherson said...

I love how you got creative with the layout Alli! It's also sweet to get to know details about you. I had no idea you played the piano. I have to admit that I wish I played an instrument. B does really seem to love his guitar and music in general. Maybe he'll teach me one day! Or we'll learn together? Heh. Always love to see you in this space friend. xo C

MarĂ­a Blanco said...

Congrats for the illlustration :)

Allie Tymoczko said...

Ahhh this has got me craving a little time with Debussy... I'll definitely be putting it on the record player when I get home xx

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