Recent Finds: Pillows

A living room with a couch full of cozy pillows is one of my favorite things, and ours are in real need of an update! Several have covers that aren't holding up well, so I'm slowly trying to replace them with ones I really love. I've had all of the above bookmarked as inspiration and kind of like the mix of patterns seeing them together here. I'd prefer removable (you know, washable!) covers, but these give me some good ideas. We'll see. ;)

I'm such a fan of all the designs by Bonnie and Neil where a few of these can be found -- check out the rest of their collection here.

Pillows: Green / B&W / Pink / Navy / Chinoiserie / Yellow


rooth said...

Not sure if you've looked at Plumed Nest before but Christine's pillow covers are awesome

Gloria said...

I love the navy and yellow pillows paired together - so beautiful!

Claudia Bravo MacPherson said...

I literally picked up the yellow one just a few days ago at Target and put it up next to another to see how it looked. I am yearning for new bedding and some decorative pillows. I keep on eyeing West Elm for bedding but cannot seem to make up my mind (figures). Anywhere you love for bedding?

Brooke said...

love all of them but the black or navy striped/geometric is my fave! xo

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