Winter Blues

Cleaning a closet (during our cold winter weekend) led to some sentimental organizing...the kind that finds you on the floor with a bigger mess than when you started, reading through old cards and notebooks and setting aside little keepsakes.

Some blue-green treasures among my finds: a Boden parcel tag, misplaced washi tape, old colored pencils, and (random, I know) little jumping origami frogs we used to make in sixth grade...during class of course.


Kerri from Happy Tuesday said...

oh, i know too well the kind of cleaning you describe.

gina said...

this kind of mess always happens when i attempt to "clean" and organize :).

Milynn {Love + Whimsy} said...

I love unexpected trips down memory lane! It's so interesting to see how much we've grown since then.

Laicie said...

Such simple little things that look sooo gorgeous here... I love these shots. :)

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